Svakom Primo Silicone Remote Control Warming Anal Vibrator - Black

Svakom Primo Silicone Remote Control Warming Anal Vibrator - Black

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  • Product Sku: SVG-SPM01BLK
  • Manufacturer: Svakom Group Usa
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: November 8, 2022


Warming Long-Bullet with Remote Control.

Primo is a product suitable for any anatomy. It is adept at targeting sensitive areas such as the G-spot and the prostate, and able to apply intense vibrations to provide sublime pleasure.

Equipped with a heating core, Primo is able to heat up to about 100.4°F (38°C) to provide better satisfaction, especially during winter.

Primo can be used with and without the remote control. With the remote control, it becomes more accessible due to the ergonomic and easy to use design - it can also be handed over to partners to release control.


Heating Function
Turn up the heat and experience burning desire. Primo features a seductive heating function to make cold nights that little bit warmer.
Double up the fun with others. Primo's powerful vibrations provide sublime pleasure for both the prostate and the G-spot.
Remote Control
Whatever position you end up in, Primo is there for you. Primo uses an ergonomically designed remote control for accessibility.
Smooth Sizing
Get started without hesitation. Primo's smooth & rounded design allows it to be easily inserted.
Fast or slow, Primo's ultra-soft silicone provides a comfortable experience.
Long Lasting
There whenever you need it, Primo functions continuously for one hour.

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